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Current Builds

Spaultical fingerboard finished:

VG #16 "Spaultical"

This guitar is going into stock, but you are welcome to take over this build!
Estimated Price: $45,000
Estimated Completion Date: December 2019

The "Spaultical" guitar is our KT series guitar with an amazing bookmatched spalted maple drop-top and an ebony skunk stripe that runs right down the center. It features a mahogany body and an incredible flamed maple neck. I am planning on inlaying a nautical theme on this guitar. This will be one of the most elaborate inlays you will ever see on a guitar... guaranteed. Everyone is ignoring this guitar right now and think it's madness because of the price. Mark my words, this will be the most amazing guitar I will ever build! I have been working on the artwork for over a year on this build and I still have months of work to do JUST on the computer! Be sure to visit our FaceBook page for any updates.

VG #25 "Steamfunk"

Estimated Price: $15,000 - this guitar is projected for stock.
Estimated Completion Date: December 2020

"Steamfunk" will be my first steampunk guitar. I have TONS of cool things I'll be incorporating things with this build and I plan on merging beauty with ugly, with a contrast between the 2 that should be nothing but stunning..

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