Mai Hāʻawi Pio translated into English is "Never Give Up", which was aptly named by my daughter Nicole... she actually selected some of the woods on this build because it was going to be an ukulele she was going to build for herself. After about an hour at my workbench og trying to saw some mother-of-pearl, then thinking about things for awhile, she "Gave Up" (Oh, the irony), but not all was lost, she went on to become an amazing digital artist in her own right (She is incredible in that medium) and the spalted body began to collect dust until one day, Doug showed up. You see, Doug was already a customer of Virgil Guitars and owns "Crazy Horse", and well, you know what they say... the rest is history, except for a cool little fact... Mai Hāʻawi Pio's neck was made from the same wood that Crazy Horse's top was made from AND of course we had to sneak in the P-51 Mustang... again, now he has a matching set!

Name: Hanau Mua (Hawaiian for "first born")
Type: Concert uke
Serial#: U-001
Nut: Black Tusq® Nut
Bridge: Ebony
Bridge saddle: Black Tusq®
Top: Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides: Spalted Koa sides, bookmatched Koa back
Neck: Cerejeira
Fretboard: Gabon Ebony w/ P-51 inlay
Electronics: Mi Si acoustic ukulele pickup
Headstock: Wave shaped with Ebony laminate top, V logo inlay
Finishing: Hand rubbed poly finish by Virgil
Extras: Graphite bar reinforced neck, Rosewood rosette

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I LOVE this uke! Drop by the studio(appointment only) and give it a try - Virgil ;)