I've known Todd since the early 90's and he was my guitar teacher for a few months after I had already been playing guitar regularly for over 15 years! Todd's prowess on guitar is nothing short of amazing and I was honored to build his first guitar, the "Grubbworm" (VG #0011) so you can only imagine how excited I was to build this special guitar for him called "Zonnebloem", which is Dutch for "Sunflower". Todd has been working on his new CD this year called "Sunflower", based off of the artwork by renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh. Todd gave me some artistic freedom to inlay some sunflowers on the rosewood fingerboard and then wanted the body color to be reminiscent of the famous "Starry Night" painting by Van Gogh as well. As I'm writing this little description of this guitar, I'm pretty excited to deliver this guitar to Todd tonight in person. Todd will be putting this gorgeous beast to propper use as he always does...

Name: Zonnebloem
Series: X-15
Serial#: 0029
Date completed: 12/13/2016
Weight: 6.6 lbs.
Fingerboard:24 frets, 25" scale, 12" radius
Tuners: 6-in-line chrome Schallers
Nut: Black Tusq® Nut
Pickups: In-house handwound LickupPickups
Electronics: Vol, Tone, two 3-way mini dp switches for coil tap, 3-way toggle with a total of 15 separate tones.
Bridge: TonePros AVTII chrome wraparound bridge
Top: Quilted Maple
Body: Alder
Neck: Curly Maple
Fretboard: E. Indian Rosewood
Headstock: Seahorse
Pickup rings: Creme bezels
Finishing: Custom blue top, revealed bindings and back in black. Matte finish on the back of neck only. Paint by Moe Colors
Extras: Sunflowers inlay, abalone dots, custom handmade control knobs with maple bodies and ebony caps & custom electronics cavity cover initials inlaid into trussrod cover.

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" Ok, let's see how I can express my love and appreciation for my new Virgil guitar without sounding too weird. First of all I have it in my lap as I type this and no matter how many times I glance down at it I am always struck by its beauty from all angles. The binding is gorgeous, the top is amazing, the contours on this instrument are sleek and delicate yet still very masculine. I am a guitar teacher and I have to admit I find myself admiring it and losing my concentration sometimes during a lesson. I am also a serious player and this thing is a precise machine. I have played no other guitar in my life that plays or sounds better. The neck is fantastic with a satin finish(as I specified), fast and stable. The intonation is perfect and the hand wound pickups are stellar! I am using this piece of art as the cover of my Sunflower album(check out that inlay!) and it will be my number one for the rest of my life, Thanks Virgil! "

Todd Grubbs - Brandon, FL
Instrumental Rock Guitarist
Owner of custom-built guitar, "Grubbworm"