Sometimes guitar builds are inspired by things around us. In this case, the client wanted elements of his life inlaid on a fingerboard. He challenged me to come up with some type of theme that would somehow tie all of the images together. He and his wife have 3 daughters, 1 is a dancer, one is into horseback riding and the other is active in theater. His wife loves daisies and he does a lot of travel, hence the compass. He also wanted some significant numbers (3, 5, 7 & 28) incorporated into the fingerboard as well. A few days after the challenge it hit me! I told him I needed to add 1 more image and the image would be a clock, missing the numbers 3, 5 & 7 and we could have the numbers flipping around (like in space) and we can call it Time Machine! He had a copper pick his wife gave him years prior that I inlaid into the trussrod cover and at the last minute I came up with the idea of inlaying pennies into the control knobs! The tone control was the year he met his wife and the volume control was the year they were married. Besides all of the inlay elements on this guitar, I set out to make this guitar with a thinner neck and some overwound pickups and the sounds that come out of this beast are amazing!

Name: Time Machine
Series: X-15 Series Carved-Top
Serial#: 0021
Date completed: 12/11/15
Weight: 8.36 lbs.
Fingerboard:24 frets, 25" scale, 12" radius
Tuners: 6-in-line Black Schallers
Nut: Black Tusq® Nut
Pickups: In-house handwound LickupPickups
Electronics: Vol, Tone 2-3way mini dp switches for coil tap, 3-way toggle with total of 15 separate tones.
Bridge: TonePros AVTII Black wraparound bridge
Body: Sapele
Neck: 5 Piece Flamed Maple & E. Indian Rosewood
Fretboard: Katalox
Headstock: Seahorse
Pickup rings: Black metal
Finishing: Red top with blackburst edge. Back of neck has satin finish. Paint by Moecolors
Extras: Custom imagery inlaid on fingerboard, copper pick inlaid into trussrod cover, Katalox electronics cavity cover, pennies inlaid into control knobs

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