Swirling grain that will mesmerize anyone! This was a build we were working on that got swiped up by a fan on FaceBook who couldn't resist. Bookmatched burled redwood top that is absolutely stunning an a killer tone to match.

Name: Red Head

Client: John Silva

Series: X-15 Speedmachine
Serial#: 0012
Delivered on: 12/10/13
Total Weight: 7.83 lbs.
Style: Drop-top
Fingerboard: Gabon Ebony w/Bloodwood binding, 24 frets, 25" scale
Body: Bookmatched Flamed Maple back/Wenge Middle/Burled Redwood top
w/Ebony/Bloodwood/Ebony skunk stripe top
Neck: Mahogany
Headstock: 6-in line "Seahorse" style
Finish: Clearcoat by Moe Colors
Hardware: Chrome Hardware including Schaller da Vinci Tuners & TonePros AVTII wraparound bridge
Switchcraft input jack, Switchcraft 3 way toggle
Neck Profile: C-shape, standard
Other: Custom, hand-wound pickups (made in-house)
Paua Abalone fret dots, Bloodwood pickup rings, custom electronics cavity cover,
Custom control knobs

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"When I first learned of Virgil Guitars I had no idea what was before me. I didn't realize it then, but the journey that I was about to embark on was an idea made long before it found me. I live in WA and Virgil Guitars is located in FL. We have yet to meet however, Dueling Dragons, Virgil Guitars 1st custom guitar, reminded me of something magical. Following all of Virgil's FB posts, detailed 'stories' emerged of all his builds, and when I watched Virgil Guitars 3 part series of the Dueling Dragons build (and other build videos), I was hooked.

For my part, Virgil, you made me feel like I was there with you… I was on an adventure, an experience of yours, and I for one totally dig how you include your readers/followers in what you do and how you are going about building your guitars, kudos my friend! I'm a fan! All of Virgil Guitars builds are detailed experiences to me, they are like no other: there is more going on here than just a guitar build. So I asked myself, "Would it not be the coolest thing in the world to be a part of something so magical like Dueling Dragons, Silver Willow, Poisoned Ivy, etc.? How could I possibly afford one?" Then the idea changed… I'm already a part of the experience, the passion is there tenfold, so it's just a matter time… and Virgil you my friend are all over it, like a wizard and his craft.

Something magical happened one day: Virgil Guitars posted a picture of Red Head's headstock with just a little mineral spirits applied to the matched Burled Redwood—I passed out. When I came to… I realized that after seeing her come together (an X-15 Speedmachine body with a matched Burled Redwood drop top with a Wenge wood middle and a matched flamed Maple back, a stunning combination of colors, grains and wood-even more stunning in person), I was in the position to pull the trigger and take over Red Head's build. From the headstock, neck, body, skunk stripe, binding and hardware to the hand crafted appointments, and like a yin and yang thing going on of natural balance, she is so much more stunning in person than any picture can show. So "taking over a Virgil Guitars build' was perfect for me.

Looking back at previous posts, I soon realized that I was already indeed a part of a beautiful experience like no other I have ever had, and at 51 that's saying a lot. When I opened her case (and she fits like a glove) for the first time… I was prepared--- I had big bean bags everywhere! However, I was unprepared for just how perfectly balanced she felt in my hands when she jumped into my lap. I had some expectations for sure, but wow, I was not prepared for this!! Tuning is on while playing (I absolutely dig these De Vinci tuners btw); only slight adjustments are needed after an overnight sitting; warming up and then all is good; her intonation is also dead on. Her neck is very comfortable and suited for many different types of playing styles- which is also perfect for me. So what about Red Head's playability and tones? In reality (anyone can decide) her playability and tones brings us to the beginning of the adventure… She plays and sounds exactly like she should play and sound—Perfect! Imagine that! Virgil Guitars "Lickup Pickups" (in house made pickups) and electronics allow me to hear Red Head produce tones I had not thought possible without effects—make no mistake, Virgil is a wizard – kudos my friend…

John Silva - Auburn, WA