Poisoned Ivy is the quintessential guitar when it comes to feel, weight and prospective tone. With well over 1000 man hours to make this incredible piece of craftsmanship, Poisoned Ivy is considered to be Virgil Guitars boldest attempt. It is adorned with an amazing Chinese butterfly lizard on the front of the guitar, which is inlaid on a carved top guitar (this is a rarity and very difficult to achieve) and when you flip the guitar over, it is a mirror image of everything you see on the front of the body... but with a twist... A SKELETON of the Butterfly Lizard! with Ebony vines and black mother-of-pearl ivy leaves. This guitar is the most complex build to date by Virgil Guitars totaling well over 800 pieces of inlay and taking several months to complete..

Name: Poisoned Ivy
Series: KT Series/Carved-top
Serial# 0006
Birthdate 1/25/2014
Body: Mahogany/Black walnut carved top, with Bloodwood & Yellowheart skunk stripe
Fingerboard:22 frets, 25" scale, 12" radius
Tuners: 6-in-line gold Schallers
Nut: Black Tusq Nut
Pickups: Custom, hand-wound Lickup Pickups™(made in-house)
Electronics: Vol, tone & 2 mini dp switches for coil-tap
Bridge: TonePros AVTII gold bridge
Neck: Black Walnut with matching skunk stripe from top of guitar.
Neck Profile: Dueling Dragons Profile (Thin, C-shaped)
Fretboard: Gabon Ebony
Headstock: Seahorse style with black walnut laminate
Pickup rings: Ivoroid
Electronics: Switchcraft input jack, Switchcraft 3 way toggle
Hardware: Schaller gold locking strap buttons
Finishing: Clearcoat by Moecolors
Extras: One-off inlay on front and back of guitar body of Chinese Butterfly Lizard - skeleton of lizard on back, Custom inlay on control knobs, Custom inlay on Electronics cavity cover, Custom inlay on trussrod cover

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