Kon Tiki is the flagship of the new KT-Series builds. Virgil basically took elements from the 1st two body designs and merged them together and made the body slightly more narrow. The upper horn was based closely to the Dueling Dragons guitar and lower horn was based on the Silver Willow's lower horn for ease-of-access to the higher frets. He also introduced the Sea horse 6-in-line headstock on this guitar. The Scorpion headstock is currently still available. Besides the African Mahogany used for the chambered body & neck, Virgil tried to use only 2 woods entirely for the the inlays & control knobs: Ebony & Koa - a killer combination in tone & contrast.

This guitar was the lightest weighing guitar Virgil had made to date as well with the new chambered body configuration with phenomenal balance, weighing in slightly over 7 lbs.. For any of you guitar players that prefer to play guitars sitting down, you will notice an incredible balance on all of Virgil's builds - they don't fall towards the headstock or body - they are almost perfectly balanced. The tattoo-like symbol on the body of the guitar is also the same symbol that was used on the 12th fret. A closer look at this incredible guitar has the symbols on the control knobs matching the symbols on the 3rd & 5th frets as well.

Although this may look like a nice guitar to be hung on a wall, it's ready to be played - amazing sounds come out of this guitar and the sustain is incredible do to a careful balance of woods selected, the chambered body, the Tusq nut, having a set neck an the phenomenal TonePros bridge.

Serial#: 0005

Birthdate: 8/22/2012

Style: KT Series/Drop-top
Body: Chambered African Mahogany/ Hawaiian Koa wood
Neck: African Mahogany
Fingerboard: Gabon Ebony, 22 frets, 25" scale, 12" radius
Headstock style: Seahorse
Finish: Black & clearcoat/Polyester
Body Inlay: Ebony
Fingerboard Inlay: Koa
Nut: Black Tusq
Pickups: Neck: DiMarzio PAF® 36th Anniversary DP103, Bridge: DiMarzio Air Norton™ DP160
Electronics: Custom inlaid Vol & Tone knobs, 3-way Toggle, 2 mini DP switches (For coil tap)
Bridge: Black TonePros AVT2
Tuners: Schaller Black mini tuners

Came with hardshell case, DVD Included "Features & Sounds" section, Actual file footage & narration of the build (Time-lapse) AND a music video!

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